Your Crossfit Gym in leighton Buzzard

Total Fitness
For Everyone

For everyone

Exercises are all scalable. Your coach scales each exercise based on your ability and level of fitness

Tailored to you

Your coach continually designs your daily workouts (WODs) across periods of months to develop and maintain total body fitness

Varied classes

Every CrossFit class is constantly varied. Membership includes specialist classes such as Weightlifting, Boxing, Stretch and Mobility

Your Crossfit Gym in leighton Buzzard

It's not a Gym, it's a lifestyle

CrossFit is all about community and the bond you develop with your fellow members. Building people up, supporting and keeping each other motivated is at the center of what we do.

Physical fitness is intrinsic to mental health; feeling strong, fit and supported is the bedrock to happiness. That’s why our community is so important. Whether its encouragement to lift a personal best, a summer Sunday WoD followed by a bacon bap on the BBQ or a fundraiser for our chosen local charity, Buzzard CrossFit members know how work together.

Get further faster

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    Total Fitness

    Coaches design daily workouts for constantly improving, total body fitness

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    A great community

    Building people up, supporting and keeping each other motivated is at the centre of what we do

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    Easy progress tracking

    Book classes, track and share your daily results with our Wodify App

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    Train smart, eat smart

    Nutrition guidance and planning on hand

Crossfit classes in Leighton Buzzard

Strength and fitness training using a constantly varied, high intensity programme.

Increases your range of movement and flexibility

Develops your range of lifts to build strength, power, speed and co-ordination. Includes Olympic Weightlifting

A Boxing focused class to improve strength, speed, stamina and skill.

Constantly varied, high intensity circuits  programme to build strength and fitness without CrossFit membership.

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